Issue on JBIC Projects

JBICが融資したフィリピン・ミンダナオ石炭火力発電事業に反対する地元住民 JBIC支援案件フィリピン・ミンダナオ石炭火力発電事業

There are a lot of problems concerning coal-fired power projects that the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has either financed or is considering to finance. Coal-fired power plants threaten agricultural and marine areas, the health and well-being of locals in addition to being a major contributor to climate change. In certain instances, locals raised their concerns about these issues only to be violently attacked by the local police and military, causing serious injury to many.

Japan’s financing of coal fired power plants is by no means supported by locals and is not how they wish to produce energy.  JBIC plays an a major role moving forward coal-fired power projects in developing countries using a large portion of Japan’s public funds. With these concerns in mind, we hope to end Japan’s financial support of coal-fired power plants.

With the cooperation of local residents and NGOs, we were able to gather important facts about projects that we are especially concerned about. Please take a look!

Reference: Comparison of the pollution control technology between coal-fired power plants in Japan and ones overseas supported (to be supported) by JBIC (PDF)

The Batang coal-fired power plant in Indonesia

The Indramayu Coal-fired Power Plant in West Java, Indonesia

The Meja coal-fired power plant in India

The Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project in Bangladesh

The Hai Phong coal-fired power plant in Vietnam

The Morupule B Coal-fired Power Station Project (Units 5&6) in Botswana

The Thabametsi Coal-fired Power Station in South Africa

The Plomin-C coal-fired power plant in Croatia