STOP Japanese Fossil Finance!

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What YOU can do to help create a sustainable society that does not rely on fossil fuels

Follow on social media or sign up for e-newsletters

You can sign up for the e-newsletters of environmental groups or follow them on social media. Collecting information is a great way to start getting involved. You can also share information about coal issues and climate change with your family and friends.

Join an event

We share information about upcoming events and actions. Please join us!

Become a member/supporter of an environmental NGO

You can support our activities by becoming a member or supporter of the environmental NGOs participating in this project. The joining process and membership fees vary by group. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sign a petition

One click can make a difference when you take part in our petition campaigns. Raise your voice to the Japanese government and companies! We occasionally collect signatures on Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Please add your signature to any petitions you agree with.

Volunteer or intern at an environmental NGO

Are you interested in environmental and/or social issues and would like to do something? You can NGO activities as a volunteer or an intern.

Take your own steps to phase out coal

Changing utility companies from one that generates electricity using coal-fired power to another that does not is a step toward becoming coal-free. This switch to sustainable renewable energy is called a “power shift.” You can learn more about our power shift campaign here (in Japanese). Another way to show your desire to exit coal is by moving your bank account from a bank that provides a large amount of loans to coal and fossil fuels. This is called “divestment.” You can check out our divestment campaigns (such as “Let’s Divest (in Japanese)” developed by Japan) and consider where your money goes.

Monitor Japan’s coal activities around the world

Since 2020, countries around the world are accelerating their transition to safe and reliable renewable energy and toward decarbonized economies under the Paris Agreement. However, the Japanese government and companies are still supporting and profiting from the construction of new coal-fired power plants, not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia and other regions. Japan stands out as one of the largest public financiers of coal power worldwide. There is a global campaign called “No Coal Japan” that tracks Japanese coal-related businesses around the world. This campaign is run by a coalition of civil society groups in Japan and many other countries. Click here to check out what actions you can take to stop the construction of coal-fired power plants around the world.

Support actions that lead to a better future

In recent years, more and more young people are taking a stand to advocate for environmental protection, as seen in the Fridays For Future (FFF) movement. You can support their activities by participating in FFF-organized international marches that call on politicians and companies to tackle climate change. You can also help by disseminating information about their work. You can find that information on Facebook and other social media.