No Coal,Go Green!

Report, Publication

This is a list of reports and materials issued by NGOs and organizations.


2019/03 Boom and Bust 2019: Tracking the Global Coal Plant Pipeline(English PDFJapanese PDF
2018/03 Boom and Bust 2018: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipelin(Japanese PDFEnglish PDF
2017/12 NRDC Rport『Power Shift: Shifting G20 International Public Finance from Coal to Renewables』(Download link
2017/05 Talk is Cheap: How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster(Japanese summary PDFEnglish download link
2017/03 Boom and Bust 2017: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline(Japanese PDFEnglish PDF)
2016/11 CARBON TRAP: How International Coal Finance Undermines The Paris Agreement(Japanese PDFEnglish PDF
2016/11 Climate Analytics’s report『Implications of Paris Agreement for coal use in the power sector -』(English download link
2016/10 Position Paper『Beyond coal Scaling up clean energy to fight global poverty』(English download link
2016/05 『SWEPT UNDER THE RUG: How G7 Nations Conceal Public Financing for Coal Around the World』(English PDFJapanese PDF))
2016/05 G7 Coal Score Card(Japanese  PDF
2016/04 The Incompatibility of High-Efficient Coal Technology with 2 ºC Scenarios(Japanese download linkEnglish download link)
2016/04 Boom and Bust 2016: Tracking The Global Coal Plant Pipeline(Japanese PDFEnglish PDF
2015/10 Coal finance: will the OECD lag behind emerging countries because of Japan? (Japanese PDFEnglish PDF
2015/07 Report『UNDER THE RUG』(English PDFJapanese Summary PDF
2015/04 Japan’s Path
to Sustainable
Electricity Supply(Japanese PDFEnglish PDF
2015/04 E3G report: RISING SUN, SINKING INFLUENCE?(English PDFJapanese PDF
2015/04 Carbon Tracker Report: Carbon supply cost curves: Evaluating financial risk to coal capital expenditures
Japanese Summary PDFEnglish PDF
2015/04 Unburnable Carbon 2013:
Wasted capital and stranded assets(English PDF
2015/04 Unburnable Carbon –
Are the world’s financial markets
carrying a carbon bubble?(English PDFJapanese PDF