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【Presentation materials available】Pre-G7 International Symposium Climate Change and Energy: Issues of Coal-fire Power Generation (May 20th, 2016)

Presentation materials available) Pre-G7 International Symposium Climate Change and Energy: Issues of Coal-fire Power Generation (May 20th, 2016)

We held the symposium “Pre-G7 International Symposium Climate Change and Energy: Issues of Coal-fire Power Generation”

(c) WWF Japan

(c) WWF Japan

in Friday, May 20th. It is the great opportunity to get the up-to-dated information related to coal-fired power generation with the objectives of climate change, health, economy, and human rights in mind and to explore the path towards decarbonization.

Here we put all presentation materials and hope you get chance to see them to see what is the issues on “clean coal”.

Symposium dated: May 20th, 2016

Location: United Nations University, U Thant International Conference Hall

Orginizer: Pre-G7 Symposium Planning Committee

Leaflet: You can download PDF here (in Japanese)


Part 1. Recognizing the risks

1. Risk on the Climate Change

”Incompatibility of HELE coal technology with 2°C pathways”

Lindee Wong (Ecofys, Consultant)

2. Risks on the Health Issues

Health impacts of planned coal-fired power plants in Japan

Lauri Myllyvirta (Greenpeace, Coal, Senior Campaigner)

3. Risks on the Economics

”tranded Assets and Thermal Coal in Japan: An Analysis of Environment-related Risk Exposure

Ben Caldecott (Oxford University, Sustainable Finance Programme, Director) *Video message

Part 2. Domestic Policy

1. G7 countries’ National Policies on Coal

“G7 Coal Scorecard: 2016 update”

Chris Littlecott (E3G, Fossil Fuel Transition & CCS, Programme Leader)

2. Climate Change and Energy Policy in Japan

“Climate and energy policy and status of coal power in Japan”

“Japan’s Climate and Energy Policy and the Status of Coal Power “

Kimiko Hirata (Kiko Network, International Director)

3. Voice from Local Residents

Hiroshi Hanzawa (Fukushima)

Toshinori Nakayama (Chiba)

Tatsuo Kawano (Kobe) *Video message

Part 3. International Coal Financing

1. International Finances

“OECD Coal Financing Agreement”

Kate DeAngelis (Friend of the Earth US, International Policy Analyst)

2. Japanese Finance Policy

“Problems of the Financial Support for Overseas Coal-fired Power Generation by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)”

Yuki Tanabe (JACSES, Program Coordinator)

3. Environmental and Social Issues in the developing countries

“Impacts of Coal power in Vietnam and Japan’s involvement”

Khanh Thi Nguy (Green Innovation and Development, Vietnam)

“Environmental and Social Situation in Indonesia Power Plant”

Pius Ginting (WALHI/FoE Indonesia, Head of Research Unit)

“ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY UNDER THREAT Dirty Coal’s Energy Illusion  What India doesn’t learn from its lessons?”

India: Subash Mohapatr(Global Human Rights Communications, Executive Director)

Part 4. Panel discussion: The way forward: Japan and G7

Coordinator: Takeshi Shimamura(Kobe University Graduate School of Law, Professor)

Panelist       Lindee Wong

Lauri Myllyvirta

Chris Littlecott

Kimiko Hirata

Kate DeAngelis

Yuki Tanabe

Khanh Thi Nguy

Pius Ginting

Subash Mohapatr


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