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被災した福島県に二基の新規石炭火力発電所建設計画2 new coal-fired power plants in disaster struck Fukushima

TEPCO pic東日本大震災から2年半以上が経過しましたが、福島第一原子力発電所事故の影響はなお続いています。福島原発周辺地域は高濃度の放射能に汚染され、避難者約15万人がまだ家に帰れない状況にあります。この福島に、新たに2基の石炭火力発電所の建設計画があるというのです。



東電は、新規発電所には、従来の石炭火力より2割効率の良い石炭ガス化複合発電技術(IGCC)を利用するとしています。 しかしそれでもなお、CO2排出量は710-CO2g/kWhにまで達します。これは、米国環境保護庁(EPA)が最近発表した、石炭火力発電によるCO2排出量の規制案である500g-CO2/kWhをはるかに上回るものです。



毎日新聞, 東京電力、三菱系3社、福島に石炭火力発電所を建設へ、2013年11月23日
http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20131123p2g00m0bu096000c.html (英)

The Voice of Russia, 東電、三菱グループと火力発電所の建設へ, 2013年11月30日
http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_11_30/Coal-fired-power-plants-to-be-built-in-Fukushima-3349/ (英)
http://japanese.ruvr.ru/2013_11_23/tepco-atarashii-genpatsu/ (和)

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/nov/12/fukushima-daiichu-residents-radiation-japan-nuclear-power (英)

ハフィントンポスト日本, 福島に「世界最新鋭の石炭火力発電所」建設へ 東京電力と三菱グループ, 2013年11月24日

東京電力会社、お知らせ2013年:平成25年11月23日付 日経新聞一面トップ「福島に最新鋭石炭火力」他について、2013年11月25日

東京電力会社、「世界最新鋭の石炭火力発電所プロジェクト」の検討情報について, 2013年11月29日

日本経済新聞、東電と三菱系3社、福島に最新鋭石炭火力 20年にも -総投資額3000億, 2013年11月23日


TEPCO picMore than 2 and half years have passed since Fukushima was hit hard by the Great East Japan Earthquake but the effects of the accidents at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant still resonate today. About 150,000 evacuees of the disaster must face the reality that they may never return home again as the area is still heavily contaminated. Now, Fukushima may become home to 2 new coal-fired power plants.

On November 25th, 2013, TEPCO confirmed that they are considering to launch a coal-fired power plant project in Fukushima. This came just after various news media outlets announced that TEPCO and 3 Mitsubishi group firms are proposing to build 2 coal-fired power plants which will come online by 2020.

According to the media news, the proposed plants, with a combined output of 1,000MW, will come at a total cost of 300 billion yen (about 2.9 billion USD). It is said that the 3 Mitsubishi group firms will be a major stakeholder in the project with TEPCO in charge of running the facilities. TEPCO announced that this project can help revitalize the disaster-struck area with this plant which will in turn help the economy progress in Fukushima and reduce world CO2 emissions through exporting highly efficient technology.

The power company claims that the plant will utilize IGCC (integrated gasification combined-cycle) technology which is said to produce 20% more power than conventional coal-fired power plants. However, even with the utilization of IGCC, CO2 emissions can still reach approximately 710g/kWh. It is still far above the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency’s recently announced draft regulation of 500g-CO2/kWh for new coal-fired power plants.

While many countries and financial institutions move towards phasing out coal financing, Japan remains firm in its support of coal energy, both domestically and abroad, which produces more greenhouse gas emissions per kWh than any other energy source even with the most efficient technology.

Considering that the Tokyo metropolitan area population is expected to decrease in coming decades and energy efficiency and renewable energy predicted to become more widespread, is it acceptable to build new coal-fired power plants in Fukushima? They will be new burden to Fukushima people and surely to bring more harm than good.

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