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5. Press release/Media Coverage

Press Release

21st December, 2015

Kiko Network Rejoices at Osaka Gas’s decision to withdraw from coal project in Ibaraki”

24th November, 2015

New Launch of “Japan Coal Plant Tracker” (Kiko Network) 

28th August, 2015

While Economic Minister avoids clear messages, Environmental Minister didn’t approve new coal power plant, again. : Coal power needs to be stopped. (Kiko Network)

17th August, 2015

Japan’s Env. Minister Disapproves Plan for Coal-Fired Plant in Aichi: Zero-Based Review Inevitable(Kiko Network)

26th June, 2015

Plans for Climate Change Inducing Coal Plants Must Stop -Minister of Economy Releases Weak Statement on Coal Assessment-(Kiko Network)

12th June, 2015

Minister of Environment says “No” to plans for new coal plant – Plans for new coal plants must come to an end – (Kiko Network)

9th April, 2015

Immediate Action Must be Brought to New and Existing Japanese Coal-Fired Power Plants (Kiko Network)

23rd October, 2014

Construction of 25 Coal-fired Power Plants (over 13 000MW) under Planning Bypassing Climate Change Policies ~Urgent Task to Stop the Construction Fever~ (Kiko Network)

23rd August, 2013

“Request to end support of coal fire power plant construction project in Indonesia” On August 21st, the Kiko Network and Greenpeace Japan jointly sent a letter to Prime Minister Abe and Japan Bank for International Cooperation governor Hiroshi Okuda demanding to suspend support of the coal fired power plant construction project in Batang, Indonesia. The power plant construction project, a private public joint scheme involving J-Power, Itochu and JBIC’s finance is facing fierce opposition from local residents who fear the contamination of their land and fishing sites.  Also, the coal fired power plant, even if it uses the best technologies, will emit large amounts of greenhouse gas. The letter requested that, for the above reasons, the Japanese government should reevaluate the Batang power plant project, and JBIC and private banks should withdraw financing from the project. Documents Letter to Prime Minister Abe and governor Okuda “We request you to suspend financing of the Coal fired power plant in Batang, Indonesia” Letter from the residents of Batang, Indonesia

7th November, 2012

“Objection to TEPCO’s bid for power that assumes the use of coal ~the construction of coal fired power plant will seriously affect long term emission of greenhouse gas~” Kiko Network, WWF Japan

Media Coverage

16th June, 2016
Japan’s Renewed Love Affair With Coal (Forbes, Asia)

1st Mar., 2016
Is Coal the Answer to Japan’s Nuclear Aversion? (Number 1 SHINBUN)

Spring 2016 (7th Mar., 2016)
Living in Limbo (Earth Island Jornal)

24th Feb., 2016
Japan environment ministry’s coal plant reversal casts doubt on CO2 pledge (Reuters)

21st Oct., 2015
Japan `Odd One Out’ Among G7 in Move Beyond Coal, E3G Says (Bloomberg)
Published based on press release, including E3G quotes from report

U.S. leads industrialised nations in shift from coal: study (Reuters)
Alister Doyle write up of press conference, including quotes from Jake Schmidt and Chris Littlecott.
Report also run on Daily Mail, Global Post, Yahoo News, AG Week

Japan bucks trend as G7 quits coal (Climate Home)
Alex Pashley great report with focus on Japan – includes infographics, and quotes from Kimiko Hirata and Chris Littlecott.

Japan isolated as USA leads the way in G7 move beyond coal (Blue & Green Tomorrow)
Ran with straight version of press release

G7 moving towards coal phase-out (ENDS Europe) *need registration

JAPAN AND GERMANY LAG ON COAL SWITCH-OFF (Institute of Mechanical Engineers)
From Professional Engineering Magazine

12th June, 2015
Japan Environment Minister Says coal plant approval problematic (THE BUSINESS TIMES)

28th May, 2015
Japan Coal Revival Ducks Scrutiny With Small Plants, Critics Say (Bloomberg)

23rd Oct,  2014  
17 new coal power stations planned in Japan despite high levels of greenhouse gas emissions (MAINICHI)