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“List of coal power plant plants, bids, shutdown” (Research by Kiko Network, * last updated Oct 6th,2015)  (★: Updated)

September 3rd updates

October 6th updates

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+++ Updates of the status +++

・NO.22  Kashima Power
・NO35、36 Kansai Electric Power, Marubeni

Papers,videos etc.

<in Japanese>

Dirty Coal: Breaking the Myth About Japanese-Funded Coal Plants(April 2015)Dirtycoal_EN


Japan’s Path to Sustainable Electricity Supply”(April 2015,Kiko Network)Japan’s Path to Sustainable Electricity Supply_EN

This report, commissioned to Bruce C. Buckheit, Energy and Environment Consultant, former USEPA official, reviews current Japanese energy policy and potential energy options and issues, focusing on electricity, that is not fully considered in Japan’s Strategic Energy Plan and potential policy revisions within Japan.PDF

2014web用logo(RGBdark)◉Kiko Network Newsletter (March 2013)

“A movement to construct a new coal fired power plant ~Stop!~”

The article illustrates the problem of TEPCO’s bid for a new coal fired power plant.


wwf_paper_on_Tepco's_bid◉WWF Japan’s Briefing Paper (February 2013)

“TEPCO’s bid for a new power source will increase coal power use”

The article illustrates the problem of TEPCO’s bid for a new coal fired power plant.PDF

<in English>

sierraclub_beyond_coal_now◉Sierra Club’s introduction of worldwide anti-coal movements

“Move Beyond Coal, Now! Victories on the Front Lines”

Demonstrates the successful examples of anti-coal campaigns in India, USA, Kosovo, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, and Malaysia. Link

World_Resources_Institute_workingpaper◉World Resources Institute

“Global Coal Risk Assessment: Data Analysis and Market Research”

Evaluating the risks of worldwide coal power through data analysis and market research. PDF

Point of No Return◉A recent report by Greenpeace“Point of No Return”

A report that focuses on worldwide coal power. Link

The True Cost of Coal◉A video that reveals the reality of coal

Greenpeace Australia demands ships carrying coal across the Great Barrier Reef to stop using coal. Link