Chiba Sodegaura No.1 (tentative) / Chiba Sodegaura Energy / Sodegaura city, Chiba pref.

  • Plant name:
    Chiba Sodegaura No.1 (tentative)
    Company / Operator:
    Chiba Sodegaura Energy
    Owner company(ies) / Financier(s):
    Kyushu Electric Power, Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd., Tokyo Gas
    3-1 Nakasode, Sodegaura city, Chiba pref.
    Capacity (maximum power):
    1,000 [MW]
    Planning operation date:
    Actual operation date:
    ( no info. )
    With or without EIA:
    Governmental assessment
    EIA process:
    Methods of EIA determined
    Note for EIA process:

    Cancel announcement: 2019/1/31

    EIA informations by MOE

    Screening 1 processing -> Statement of the Minister of Economiy, Trade and Industry for Screening 1 was issued at 2015/9/11

    EIA(accessible during 16 June-15 July 2015)

    Technology type:
    Ultra-supercritical (USC)
    Designed gross thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Designed net thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Note for technologies:
    mixing biomass (under consideration)
    Type of coal:
    ( no info. )
    CO2 emission:
    6.000 [Mt-CO2 / year]
    Source of CO2 emission:
    (estimated value from the power-generating capacity, based on the formula published by MIT, 2007.)
    CO2 emission factor:
    ( no info. )
    SOx emission concentration:
    22.0 [ppm]
    NOx emission concentration:
    15.0 [ppm]
    Ash dust emission concentration:
    5.0 [mg / m3]
    Mercury emission concentration:
    ( no info. )

    Company announcement: Changes in the Thermal Power Plant Project in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture

    Joint Investment by 3 companies. (30 Sep,2014 Yomiuri)

    Agreement on the joint development of coal power plants(27 March,2015 Kyushu Electric Power pressrelease)

    The company's name is Chiba Sodegaura Energy (1 May 2015 Pressrelease by Kyushu Electric Power)