Nakayama Nagoya Power Plant

  • Plant name:
    Nakayama Nagoya power Plant
    Company / Operator:
    Nakayama Nagoya Kyodo Hatsuden
    Owner company(ies) / Financier(s):
    Gas and Power Co. (subsidiary company of Osaka Gas), Nakayama Steel Works
    1-5 Ichigochi, Taketoyo-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi
    Capacity (maximum power):
    149 [MW]
    Operation start date:
    Apr. 2000
    Fuel change date:
    Mar. 2015
    Note for fuel change:
    Fuel conversion from coal to mixed combustion of coal and biomass.
    Technology type:
    Sub-critical (Sub-C)
    Turbine steam pressure:
    16.6 [MPa]
    Turbine steam temperature:
    main 566 [°C]
    Thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Designed gross thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Designed net thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Note for thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Capacity factor:
    ( no info. )
    Note for technologies:
    ( no info. )
    Type of coal:
    ( no info. )
    CO2 emission:
    ( no info. )
    Source CO2 emission:
    ( no info. )
    CO2 emission factor:
    ( no info. )
    SOx emission concentration:
    ( no info. )
    NOx emission concentration:
    ( no info. )
    Ash dust emission concentration:
    ( no info. )
    Mercury emission concentration:
    ( no info. )