Ako No.2 / Kansai Electric Power / Ako city, Hyogo pref.

  • Plant name:
    Ako No.2
    Company / Operator:
    Kansai Electric Power
    Owner company(ies) / Financier(s):
    ( no info. )
    1062 Higashiokite,Kariya,Ako city,Hyogo pref.
    Capacity (maximum power):
    600 [MW]
    Planning operation date:
    Actual operation date:
    ( no info. )
    With or without EIA:
    Local authority assessment
    EIA process:
    ( no info. )
    Note for EIA process:

    - Because this is the replacement (boiler only) plan, EIA is not required.
    - Kansai Electric Power released the voluntary EIA summary sheet of boiler and fuel equipment replacement, 2015/11/10 (link, Japanese)
    inspection period is 2015/11/112-15/12/10

    Technology type:
    Supercritical (SC)
    Designed gross thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Designed net thermal efficiency:
    ( no info. )
    Note for technologies:
    ( no info. )
    Type of coal:
    ( no info. )
    CO2 emission:
    3.350 [Mt-CO2 / year]
    Source of CO2 emission:
    written in the summary (Kansai Electric Power)
    CO2 emission factor:
    800.0 [g-CO2 / kWh]
    SOx emission concentration:
    19.0 [ppm]
    NOx emission concentration:
    16.0 [ppm]
    Ash dust emission concentration:
    8.0 [mg / m3]
    Mercury emission concentration:
    ( no info. )