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2. Nearly 100 coal fired power plants all over the country

Map of Coal Fired Power Plant Locations

1-2発電所マップJapan has 94 coal fired power plants in total (see map), with 45 for 10 electricity companies and 49 for other industries.  In addition, many businesses have private electrical power generators fueled by coal, ranging from small generators to very large ones with significant amount of emission. Additionally, there are four plants that are either under construction or are planned to be constructed in the near future.  2 power plants, the Hirono no.6 (600MW) and Hitachinaka no.2 (1000MW), are ready to begin operation within the year 2013. (Source: Electric Utility Hand Book 2012 edition, Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation Handbook Revised 2011 edition)

Increase of Coal Power Generation

In 2011, the amount of electricity generated from coal (including electricity supply by industry) was 238.8 TWh, which is 14 times greater than the amount in 1973 (the orange in the graph below is coal).  Coal fired electricity accounted for 25% of all electricity generated in 2011.  Furthermore, after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear power plants accident that year, we witnessed increased use of coal as an alternative to nuclear power plants that have been suspended. Change in Power Generation Level by Source (Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy “Energy Report 2012”)