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Support groups

   52 organizations  (updated 08/19/2015)

Kiko Network (administrator)

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies

WWF Japan

RH2 Network

The Aozora Foundation

Edogawa Citizen’s network for Climate Change

ECOXIA Institute

Meeting to Consider the Future of Energy in Okayama

FoE Japan

Osaka People’s Environment Network

Kawasaki Climate Change Roundtable

Environmental Assessment Problem Residents Liaison Committee

Citizens Environmental Foundation

Environment Tokushima Network

Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century

Kiko Network Kochi

Liaison Committee to protect the Green and Water of Kyoto

Greenpeace Japan

Japan Network for Earth Environment and Prevention of Pollution

Circle Otentosan

Renewable Energy Promoting People’s Forum

Sustainable Local Transit committee

Citizens Policy Research Committee

New Japan Women’s Association

Japan’s Save the Ozone Network


Air Pollution Measurement Exercise Tokyo Liaison Committee

Citizen’s Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth

Earth Child News

Change the Electricity Plan

Consumers Union of Japan

Nipponzan Myohonji

Japan Environmental Lawyers Federation

Japan Solar Energy Educational Association

No! Nukes Noniyuku-kai

East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger

Diffusion of Radioactive Material NO! Council

Hokkaido Green Fund

Minamishinshu Ohisama-Shinpo

Organic Resource Circulation Network

Workers’ COOP Ecotech Corporate Profile

Wakayama Environmentalists Network


Tatebayashi Citizens’network for Climate-Change

Network Earth Village

Econet Maizuru

Association of Osaka Air Pollution victims

Committee to eliminate air pollution in Osaka

Public Network to Think about Coal-fired Power Plant Problem

Hiroshima Prefecture Geinan Area Thermal Power Plant Prevention Liaison Committee

Yoshita Design Planning

Oxfam Japan

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